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The Course: Courses & Programs


Explore new frameworks and ideas. Learn evidence-based tools and concepts to challenge your everyday approaches and upgrade your thinking.

Connect with like-minded individuals. Find local friends who are intellectually curious and dedicated to personal growth, just like you.

Learn in living rooms, not venues. MetaWorkshops create unique experiences in a collaborative, relational environment.

How MetaWorkshops Work

1. Sign up. Register on the event page to reserve your spot.

2. Speak up. Fill out a survey to tell us what ThinkBetter concepts you want to explore more deeply.

3. Show up. Bring your notepad and an open mind.

We created MetaWorkshops because we noticed learning is more impactful when everyone involved is actively influencing the process. It’s about co-creating a learning experience, not passively consuming information.

MetaWorkshops Are…

+ Co-Created. Rather than work through a single replicable curriculum, each workshop is bespoke for its particular cohort. It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure for learning new skills, or mastering existing ones.

+ Collaborative. We think behavioural change is more likely to happen when both the participants and the instructors are actively involved in shaping the workshop. We frame classroom environments as systems that any individual participant can influence to benefit the whole.

+ Forward-Thinking. We offer advanced concepts to help you develop new lenses to see yourself, your relationships, and the problems you’re currently solving.
+ Systems-Oriented. The content we teach is designed to give you the ability to see systems, understand them, and help shape them in ways that allow them to be more adaptive.


Want your entire team to learn advanced thinking skills?

You can hire ThinkBetter facilitators to deliver an in-house workshop tailored to meet the needs of your organization. Your team will be on the same page, achieving results together with less conflict.

Learning outcomes:

  • Foster a shared language and framework of understanding to communicate ideas

  • Improve collaboration and communication within your organization

  • Support your employees to develop their analytical and critical thinking skills

  • Support leadership to improve their strategic thinking and make better decisions


Coming Soon

  • A starter pack of advanced thinking techniques in one weekend


    30 Canadian dollars
  • Ended

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